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In the old neighborhood, the Italian section of Borough Park, Brooklyn, the sweet and tough old Italian ladies would use it as an expression meaning, ‘skinny as a toothpick.’ Well, this is what they would call me! These sweet old ladies used to take me into their homes and feed me. My parents would try to stuff me, but nothing worked! Then, someone got the bright idea to send me to my father’s hometown in Altofonte, Sicily, for the summer. This was 1954 and I was eight years old. My Pops had seven brothers and sisters. One was a better cook than the other. Well, that did it… I was cured! I came home at the end of that summer and was never called a stecchino again!
I enjoy sharing these fond memories of a summer spent long ago in the warm embrace of my Sicilian family in Altofonte with you. Hopefully your visit to Stecchino will leave you with some of these very same feelings.
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765 9th Ave, 10019
(212) 397-2377
$12.01 - $18
Dinner: Daily: 4pm-11pm,Brunch Sat-Sun: 11:30am-4pm,Late Night Daily: 11pm-1am

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