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Antika Pizzeria

ANTIKA PIZZERIA is named after one of the oldest and original pizzerias from Naples, Italy and in the world. Established from the craftsmanship of Naples finest Pizziolos and the evolution of pizza into “New York Style” Pizza is what we are known for.
Passionate heated debates and countless hours of discussion to break the code of “what makes great New York Pizza?” Is it the dough, the sweetness of the tomatoes used to make the sauce, the quality of the ingredients, the crispness of the crust due to the heat from the brick oven or the biggest secret of them all…New York Water!!!
At Antika Pizzeria: It’s the flour, a pinch of sea salt, New York Water, experience and love…a WHOLE LOT OF LOVE!
Our goal is to always surpass your expectations!
Antika Pizzeria is about offering a truly authentic culinary fairytale. The nostalgic childhood feeling of walking into Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. When you come to Antika Pizzeria, we want to welcome you to feel like you are coming home to family. We want to fulfill all your five senses. Hearing the scrape of the pizza shovel pulling out a pie from the brick oven. We tend to eat with our eyes. When you sit at the table and you see that beautiful steaming pizza coming your way it looks like a piece of art. The simple aroma of the charred crust and the fresh basil tickles your nose and then the grand finale!!! The warm heartfelt feeling when you taste all the wonderful flavors! Remember as a kid your first experience with pizza…the crispy crust, the sweet sauce and the creamy mozzarella cheese. As you bite into that first slice, the hot cheese stretches and gets so stringy that you have to pull it apart with your fingers. Mmm!
For business or pleasure, Antika allows you to escape the stresses of everyday life by welcoming you and enticing you to experience the simple pleasures. Our menu encompasses generations of handed down family recipes.
We are not reinventing the wheel; we have our oldest family secret. All of our Great Grandmas all told us one thing,
‘We care that EVERY ingredient used in the preparation of our food is made daily in house by us. We use the freshest, healthiest and “all natural” meat, fish and produce available”
In our commitment to ensure our promise, we source all of our ingredients from local farmers and vendors, whenever possible to create the same authentic dishes that our Grandmas prepared for us that are full of flavor, nutrition and love.
Our mission is to offer warm friendly hospitable service, great value, exceptional food carefully selected wine, beer and cocktails…Oh and our heavenly desserts!!! Above all the simple pleasure of sharing an unforgettable experience with family and friends!!!
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3924 Broadway, 10032
(212) 781-9100
(212) 781-9300
$12.01 - $18
Daily: 11am-11pm

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