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Ottomanelli Bros

The Ottomanelli Family has been in the food business in Manhattan since 1900. As in any successful and long established family business there is one generation that serves as the turning point. The generation that takes the best of its legacy, drops inhibiting old-world caution, and responds imaginatively to the demands of the marketplace. Co-Chairmen Nicolo and Joseph Ottomanelli have proven themselves to be just that - the innovative, breakthrough generation that turned a family meat business into a multifaceted mini-empire.
The overall result? Unprecedented growth for this family business founded in the first year of the 20th century. Today, Co-chairs Nicolo and Joseph Ottomanelli have parlayed this family legacy into meat markets, cafes, packaged goods and bakeries.
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1325 5th Ave, 10029
(212) 828-8900
$12.01 - $18
Daily: 11am-10pm

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