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Shun Lee Palace

155 E 55th St, 10022

Shun Lee Palace will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, marking four decades of serving food that was once avant garde and influential but these days has gracefully aged to become classic. Shun Lee Palace is something of a New York institution, hav ...

Telephone(212) 371-8844
Fax(212) 752-1936
Shanghai Pavilion

1378 3rd Ave, 10075

Telephone(212) 585-3388
Fax(212) 288-9325
Shanghai Gourmet

23 Pell St, 10013

Telephone(212) 285-0668
Fax(212) 285-2626
Shanghai Cuisine

89 Bayard St, 10013

Telephone(212) 732-8988
Shanghai Cafe

100 Mott St, 10013

Telephone(212) 966-3988
Fax(212) 966-8856

453 6th Ave, 10011

Telephone(212) 924-6688
Fax(212) 924-7781
S. Dynasty

511 Lexington Ave 2nd Fl, 10017

The completely renovated S.Dynasty embodies a combination of excellent food and outstanding service, set in a contemporary yet intimate and comfortable table. With multiple private dining rooms and over 4000 square feet of restaurant space that can be fle ...

Telephone(212) 355-1200
Fax(212) 319-8596
Rickshaw Dumpling Bar

61 W 23rd St, 10010

Telephone(212) 924-9220
Fax(212) 924-9229

529 Hudson St, 10014

New York, NY – RedFarm is now open at 529 Hudson Street in the West Village. This new destination from dim sum master chef Joe Ng and Chinese food expert Ed Schoenfeld aims to be one of the most exciting and influential restaurants in the country. RedFarm ...

Telephone(212) 792-9700
Prosperity Dumpling

46 Eldridge St, 10002

Telephone(212) 343-0683
Park Asia

6251 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, 11220

Telephone(718) 833-1688

813 55th St, Brooklyn, 11220

Telephone(718) 871-2880
Fax(718) 871-8180
Our Place

242 E 79th St, 10075

For 20 years, we've been something of a landmark at 82nd Street and 3rd Avenue. From the day we opened our doors, we have worked very hard to provide you with a deeply satisfying dining experience, whether you were ordering your favorite New York-style C ...

Telephone(212) 288-4888
Fax(212) 288-5231
Oriental Garden

14 Elizabeth St, 10013

Telephone(212) 619-0085
Ollie's To Go

2425 Broadway, 10025

Ollie's Togo is Chinese cuisine, Japanese sushi, and authentic Taiwan style bubble tea deliver shop serve Manhattan Upper Westside. We provide limited dining area for customer to enjoy freshness of takeout food and free green tea in house. Our chefs and k ...

Telephone(212) 877-2298
Fax(212) 877-2295
Nom Wah Tea Parlor

13 Doyers St, 10013

Nom Wah Tea Parlor first opened at 13-15 Doyers Street back in 1920 as a bakery and a tea parlor. For most of the 20th century, Nom Wah Tea Parlor served as a neighborhood staple offering fresh chinese pasteries, steamed buns, dim sum and tea. After it lo ...

Telephone(212) 962-6047
Ming's Caffe

28 Canal St, 10002

Telephone(212) 978-1888
Mei Li Wah

64 Bayard St, 10013

Telephone(212) 966-7866
Lychee House

141 E 55th St, 10022

At a glance, the name may bring to mind the familiar sweet and fragrant fruit served at the end of a Chinese meal. However, what is less known is that the Lychee tree is indigenous not only to China but also to most of Southeast Asia. It is this fact that ...

Telephone(212) 753-3900
Fax(212) 688-8526
Liberty View

21 S End Ave, 10280

Telephone(212) 786-1888
Fax(212) 786-9988
Joe's Shanghai NYC

9 Pell St, 10013

The first Joe's Shanghai was founded in Flushing, New York in 1995. Immediately our two special soup dumplings, crab pork meat became a New York favorite. Other special dishes includes Spicy Szechuan Style Sliced Beef; Crispy Jumbo Prawns with Lime Sauc ...

Telephone(212) 233-8888
Fax(212) 233-0278
Joe's Shanghai

144 W 46th St, 10036

The first Joe's Shanghai was founded in Flushing, New York in 1995. Immediately our two special soup dumplings, crab pork meat became a New York favorite. Other special dishes includes Spicy Szechuan Style Sliced Beef; Crispy Jumbo Prawns with Lime Sauc ...

Telephone(212) 391-0888
Fax(212) 382-1828
Golden Unicorn

18 E Broadway, 10002

Telephone(212) 941-0911
Fax(212) 941-0951
Excellent Dumpling House

111 Lafayette St, 10013

Telephone(212) 219-0212
Fax(212) 219-1669

10 E 38th St, 10016

Telephone(212) 448-1199
Fax(212) 448-1211
East Dumpling House

248 W 106th St, 10025

Telephone(212) 666-2662
Dumpling Cafe

861 Grand St, Brooklyn, 11211

Telephone(718) 302-8886
Dim Sum go go

5 E Broadway, 10038

Telephone(212) 732-0797
Fax(212) 964-3149
DiDi Dumpling

38 Lexington Ave, 10010

Telephone(718) 709-8132
Congee Village

100 Allen St, 10002

Telephone(212) 941-1818
Congee Bowery

207 Bowery, 10002

The serving of congee is said to be even older than rice in Chinese history. Cantonese people are very particular about the cooking of congee. A gruel of boiled rice and water, which serves as a background for a host of other foods including fish, shrimp ...

Telephone(212) 766-2828
Chinatown Brasserie

380 Lafayette St, 10003

Telephone(212) 533-7000
Fax(212) 533-7567
China Fun on 2nd Ave

1221 2nd Ave, 10065

Telephone(212) 752-0810
Fax(212) 752-0821
China Fun

246 Columbus Ave, 10023

Telephone(212) 580-1516
Fax(212) 580-5298
Chelsea Cottage

206 9th Ave, 10011

Telephone(212) 366-4881
Fax(212) 366-1912

223 Smith St, Brooklyn NY, 11231

Telephone(718) 242-1515
C&C Prosperity Dumpling

69 Clinton St, 10002

Telephone(212) 228-0988
Buddha Bodai

5 Mott St, 10013

Telephone(212) 566-8388
Fax(212) 566-1717
88 Palace

88 E Broadway, 10002

Telephone(212) 941-8886
456 Shanghai Cuisine

69 Mott St, 10013

Telephone(212) 964-0003
27 Sunrise

27 Division St, 10002

Telephone(212) 219-8498
Fax(212) 219-8055

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